Why Polyethylene and made in New Zealand or USA ?


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All our spas are made in New Zealand or the USA and from Polyethylene. Why?

With over 25 years in the pool and spa industry our experience has shown us that you can't cut corners with anything and that this is especially true when it comes to spas. This is why we only sell Polyethylene Spas made in New Zealand or the USA.

Unlike Acrylic spas that are layered which can delay imperfections, Polyethylene Spas are rotationally moulded making them (the shell) 1 single naturally reinforced, strong structure. When the shell comes out of the mould, you can instantly see if it is perfect or not. If it's perfect it continues on to be kitted out as a spa. If it's not, it gets destroyed. New Zealand and the USA are world leaders in Polyethylene Spas.

We have seen the problems associated with Acrylic Spas (bubbling in shell after a short time) from most models and makes that can be purchased in New Zealand. It's a very common problem and is associated with the way (care) the Acrylic sheet is heated and glued to the fibreglass reinforcing. This is especially true with spas imported from China and sold through New Zealand distributors. How do we know this? Because we repair spas and see it all the time.

The other common problem we see is "gear failure". Again, mostly from imported Chinese spas. This is the pump, or heater, or even the jets failing after a very short time. It's okay if it fails during warranty (replaced at Sellers cost) but after that (usually 1 year) - you're on your own. We have found this "gear failure" is mostly due to low end equipment being used.

We don't just sell spas, we also service & repair them - no matter what brand - Sundance, Leisurerite, Kiwi, Spa International, Heritage, Signature, Vortex and more. So if you need a part or have a problem that needs fixing, don't hesitate to contact us.