Spa Accessories

We have a great range of spa acessories - for more information and pricing please contact us.

Spa cover Lifters - makes removal & fitting cover easy for anyone Spa Grab Rails - makes it easy to get in & out of your spa Spa Tables - great for placing items on & fits onto the side of your spa Spa Towel Rails - very handy
Simple Silver Treatment - a chlorine free alternitive treatment Spa Bromine Dispensors - great for slow release chemical treatment Spa Water Test Kits - a must for all spas Spa Scum Disc - helps eliminate the scum mark - just floats in the spa collecting that scum
Spa Ezi Wipe - best way to keep your spa surface looking as good as new Spa Thermometers - check that spa temperture Spa Chemicals - a complete range for any spa Replacement Filter Cartridges - these should be replaced every 2 years for healthy water assurance
Spa Bar - fit your nibbles and drink in here. Can float or hang over the spa top Spa Skimmers - great for removing any debris that may enter your spa Lots of Accessories to make your spa relaxing & easy to look after